Book Review – Suddenly In Charge

February 6, 2012


Through the networking powers of LinkedIn, I found myself having a hot chocolate in October with local career expert, consultant, and author, Roberta Chinsky Matuson. Roberta and I spent nearly two hours in an active discussion on management, leadership (yes, they are different), and a shared affinity for the works of author and and business […]

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Learning the Ropes – Don’t Find Your Niche, Create It!

January 18, 2012


Some time ago, a connection of mine posted to her network that she was struggling to find her spot in her new company. It sounded as though she was handling the work load just fine, but couldn’t seem to find her place. The answer seemed obvious, but it was clear that this scenario plays out […]

Learning The Ropes – Identify Your Strengths and Your Struggles

November 25, 2011


90 days is a magic number. At a majority of employers, 90 days marks the end of a probationary period, the point benefits start to kick in, and the company really showing a commitment to you in your role. 90 days is really a honeymoon period, where the the company has learned a lot about you. They […]

Table of Contents – A Guide to the Real Business World

November 17, 2011


I.    Education You CAN Actually Learn From Your Teachers Reading Matters History Doesn’t Always Have to Repeat Itself Join a Group II.  Finding A Job Use Your Schools Resources Online Research Networks Don’t Settle III. Transition Adjusting to a New Job Adjusting to a New Era Leaving IV. Learning The Ropes Meet Everyone Make […]

Learning the Ropes – Learn Policies and Procedures

November 17, 2011


Here comes the not-so-fun part about starting your new job: learning the company policies and procedures. Having hired and oriented thousands of employees throughout my years in management and human resources roles, I’ve watched many an employee be told of company policies, only to be disciplined or terminated from their position because they didn’t adhere […]

Learning the Ropes – Make Yourself Known

November 14, 2011


Now that you’ve met everyone at the new job, it’s time to make yourself known. This is your opportunity to do something extraordinary and have your name be shared among upper management. I know, you’re saying, “OK, easy enough. How?”. Here’s how. Work hard. Sure, this makes sense, but working hard is not an action. […]